Set up something means to arrange or organize something

The boss set up the meeting for 4:00 PM this afternoon.

Send something back

Send something back (send back something) means to return something to someone (usually by mail)

My lawyer sent back the documents to me because I forgot to sign them.

My lawyer sent the documents back to me because I forgot to sign them.

Run out of something

Run out of something  means to use all of something and have none left

I try to never ran out of cleaning supplies at home.

Run away

Run away means to leave someplace (usually home) unexpectedly, to escape

Many teens ran away from home because of a bad situation at home.

Run over something

Run over something or run through something means to rehearse or review something

The actors run over their lines three times before filming.

Run over someone or something

Run over someone or something means to drive a vehicle over a person or thing

I once ran over a dog in my car when the dog ran into the street.