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Present Simple Tense

The simple present tense is formed by using the base form of the verb (eat, want, play, etc).

The simple present tense is used to show or state that an action occurs but with no indication of when it occurs. The present simple tense is used to indicate an action that is factual or habitual.

XXXI exercises every day for my health. (a daily habit)
XXXThe sun sets in the wst. (a fact)

Simple Past Tense

All simple past tense verbs are either regular or irregular.

The simple past tense for regular verbs is formed by adding ‘ed’ to the end of the word. For irregular verbs the simple past is formed by using the verbs past tense form

talk        talked             smile       smiled
buy     brought             go     went

The simple past tense is used to show or state:
XXX* that an action was completed at a specific time in the past. When the action was completed in the past
XXXXXmay or may not be specifically stated.
XXX* the duration of an action in the past
XXX* habits or actions that occurred and ended in the past
XXX* facts that were true in the past but are no longer true

I went to the doctor yesterday.
XXX(The action- went- was completed in the past)

I taught in Korean for over 15 years.
XXX(The action- taught- lasted for 15 years)

When I was a kid I played baseball evereryday in the summer.
XXX(The action- played baseball- no longer occurs)

Harold never ate vegetables when he was young.
XXXThe action- ate vegetable- was true in the pasr, but is no longer true)

Simple Future Tense

The simple future tense is formed by using: will (shall) + verb or ‘to be’ going to + verb.

The simple future tense is used that an an action will occur in the future.

Harry will go to school tomorrow.
XXX(The action- go- will occur in the future)

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