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Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect is formed by: have/has + past participle.

The present prefect tense is used to show or state an action:
XXX* that started at an unspecified time in the past
XXX* that tells about past experiences
XXX* that tells about past accomplihments
XXX* that tell about changes over time

Mary has worked for the company for 5 years.
XXX(The action- worked- began in the past and continues into the present.)

I have traveled to Japan 7 times.
XXX(The action- traveled- is a past experience)

Senator Jackson has received many awards for his community service.
XXX(The action- received awards- tell of accomplishments)

My daughter has grown 3 inches in the last 9 months.
XXX(The action- grown- tells about changes)

Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect is formed by: had + past participle.

The past prefect tense is used to tell about:

* An action occurred before another action in the past
* An action occurred before another specific time in the past
* The duration of an action before another action in the past

Samuel had worked in Mexico before he moved to London.
XXX(the action- worked- occurred before he moved)

Walter had jog every day before his 40th birthday.
XXX(The action- jog- occurred before a speific time in the past)

We had driven for 30 hours before we finaly arrived.
XXX(The action- drive- had occurred for for a while before arrival)

Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect is formed by: will/shall + have + past participle.
The future prefect tense is used tell about:

XXX* An action that will occur before another action or time in the future OR
XXX* The duration of an action before another action in the future

By this time next year Mary will have been promoted to vice president.
XXX(The action- promoted- will occur by a time inn the future)

Mr. Petterson’s will have worked for the same compnay for 30 years before he retires.>
XXX(The action- worked- will have occur for a long time before retirement)

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